200 A CCP for Class CF CUBEFuse

The Bussmann series 200 A Compact Circuit Protector (CCP) fused disconnect switch utilizes the finger-safe UL Class CF time-delay CUBEFuse with Class J electrical performance. With up to a 69 percent smaller footprint compared to a traditional fusible solution, this switch provides a high 200 kA SCCR to help improve panel and assembly SCCR.

The panel mount 200 A CCP switch is available with a variety of accessories to meet many application needs including rotary and flange handle operation.

Rotary operators are available for front or side (right or left) operation. Front rotary operators are for three-pole switches only while the side operator may be applied to the right or left side of 1-, 2- and 3-pole units.

Other accessories include lugs, terminal shrouds, rotary pistol handles, flange rod and cable operating mechanisms, NO/NC auxiliary contacts that easily integrated into many monitoring systems and a handle extension.

Front and side rotary operated versions are easily applied for through-the-door or through the left or right side operation to enhance safety.