E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP

Fiber Units with Build-in Lenses provide more stable detection and simpler, more reliable installation.

Hex-shaped models are now available with high-power built-in lenses for stable detection.
Achieve stable detection and easy onsite application.

Hex Shape

Tool-friendly Construction for Reliable Installation

Wrench Does Not Contact Cable

OMRON’s original tool-friendly construction allows the wrench to fit all the way onto the nut without coming into contact with the cable. The Fiber Unit is not accidentally damaged.

E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP Features 5

With conventional models, it was possible for the wrench to hit the cable and damage the optical fiber, preventing stable detection.

Easy Cable Routing

The cable opening is wide, so the cable can be routed easily.

E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP Features 6
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