Lightning Current Measurement


LM-S-A/C-3S-ETH – 2800618
LM-S-LS-H – 2800616
FOC-SJ:14-ST/…/…/… – 1417723
LM-S-C-3LS – 2800617
LM-S-LS 02 – 2906891
LM-S-UWA – 2907466


Structure of the measuring system:

The system essentially consists of an evaluation unit with up to three sensors. The sensors are mounted on various different arresters of a lightning protection system. Signal transmission takes place via fiber optics.

Safe measuring method:

The system works according to the Faraday principle. In the event of a lightning strike, the surge current generates a magnetic field around the arrester, which is detected by the sensors.

The measured results are sent to the evaluation unit via fiber optics.

The evaluation unit analyses the data from the sensors and determines the following parameters of lightning characteristics:

  • Maximum Lighting Current Strength
  • Lightning Current rise
  • Charge
  • Specific Energy