R-Rated Fuses

2.4kV to 7.2kV R-Rated medium voltage fuses

For motor circuit protection

Current-limiting R-Rated fuses are physically dimensioned for easy installation in existing hardware.

They are available in standard, AMPGARD Hookeye and AMPGARD Hookeye hermetically sealed, and bolt-on styles to meet application needs.

The 2.4kV and 4.8kV AMPGARD hermetically sealed constructions are suitable for Class I,
Group D, Div. 2 hazardous locations.

4.8kV Limitamp® bolt-on constructions available in ratings from 2R to 24R.

Open fuse indicator on all mounting styles speeds troubleshooting.

These fuses are in a self-contained, non-venting package for installation indoors or outdoors in an enclosure.