6DR711.-…..-….: SIPART PS100 Electropneumatic positioner with aluminium enclosure.

Enclosure: Aluminum, Aluminum/Polycarbonate
Analog input (set point): 4…20mA
Digital input/ digital output option:1 DI/ 1 Do
Analog output (actual value) option: 4-20mA
Stroke range: 10…130 mm (longer strokes on request); (0,12…5.12´´)

Range of rotation: 10…100°
Required air quality: Class 3 as per ISO 8573-1
Ambient air temperature: -20…+80 °C (-4…+176 °F)
Pneumatic auxiliary power: 1.4 to 7 bar (20,3…101,5 psi)
Air throughput:
– Inlet to actuator (at △p = 6 bar) -9.8 m³/h (5.76 SCFM)
– Outlet from actuator (at △p= 6 bar) -19.2 m³/h (11.30 SCFM)

Degree of protection:
Type 4X, IP66



With the SIPART PS100, we extend our smart positioner portfolio. It is the right choice whenever you need a reliable controller for standard applications. Its ease and speed of initialization make it a winner for valve manufacturers, the chemical industry, the energy sector, and many other fields.  The SIPART PS100 is available in two enclosure versions: aluminium or polycarbonate cover.