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Our solutions for end-to-end industrial automation will make your machines smarter, faster, more flexible and more reliable so that productivity and efficiency can be maximized achieving highest levels of performance of your plant.

These solutions are tailored in a specialized expertise in sensing and control automation as well as . We closely work with our customers to understand the unique needs of distinct industries. Our goal is always to adapt each solution to the particular challenges each customer faces.

We are your trusted partner in


Sysmac Automation Platform

One Controller. One Connection. One Software.

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Modernize Your Controls to a Secure Networking System

Tectesla works with customers to provide high-quality, industry-leading solutions that benefit society by ensuring quality products and services. We have been powering manufacturing globally for decades.


Predictive Maintenance

Allow Omron to customize predictive maintenance solutions for your facility that will reduce unplanned downtime, minimize maintenance costs and boost your response time to critical issues.


Flexible Manufacturing

Advanced, intuitive solutions to keep your operations agile


Traceability Solutions

World-class traceability in manufacturing solutions built upon decades of experience.


Integrated Robotic Solutions

Our integrated robotic solutions make integration easy in a single software architecture and development environment.


Safety Solutions

Protect your people while maintaining productivity and efficiency, with Omron, your trusted partner in industrial safety solutions.


IO-Link Solutions

Reduce maintenance costs, downtime, and cabling by transmitting critical information over IO-Link through Omron technology.


Panel building

Our Value Design for control panel product specification offers control panel evolution and process innovation


3D Solder Joint Inspection

3D solder joint inspection for efficient manufacturing of high-quality products.


Glass Manufacturing Process


Heat Treatment Solutions


Life Science and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Electronic technology concept.

OEM Custom Solutions


Engineered Systems & Projects


Plastics Solutions


Food & Beverages process solutions

Boost your efficiency and ensure constant product quality. Apply Endress+Hauser solutions to your Food & Beverages industry challenges.


Chemical process solutions

Maximize your plant performance with enhanced quality and safety. Apply Endress+Hauser solutions to your Chemical industry challenges.


Oil & Gas process solutions

Optimize your plant performance with enhanced safety and environmental protection. Rely on Endress+Hauser solutions for your Oil & Gas industry challenges.


Power & Energy process solutions

Increase plant uptime and improve safety. Rely on Endress+Hauser solutions for your Power & Energy industry challenges.

WWTP Tomaszow (PL)_Effluent

Water & Wastewater process solutions

From raw water intake to distribution, wastewater treatment to discharge, we help you increase efficiency and ensure compliance. Apply Endress+Hauser solutions to overcome your industry challenges.


Mining, Minerals & Metals process solutions

Gain operational efficiencies and ensure environmental protection. Apply Endress+Hauser solutions to your Mining, Minerals & Metals industry challenges.