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Key-type Selector Switches


30-mm dia. Key-type Selector Switches Control panel miniaturization through a more compact design and modified wiring direction. Addition of Push-In Plus terminal blocks for easy wiring. Workability and safety improvements.


Certified Safety Standard Ratings

UL 508 (File No. E76675), CSA C22.2 No.14

E76675), CSA C22.2 No.14 

TÜV (EN60947-5-1)

AC-15 3 A 240 VAC
 DC-13 4 A 24 VDC 

CCC (GB/T14048.5)

AC-15 3 A 240 VAC
 DC-13 4 A 24 VDC 

Application Standards

UL1059 and UL486E (Push-In Plus terminal block type) 


Contacts (Standard Load)

Rated insulation voltage

600 V

Rated carry current

10 A

Rated voltage

24 V

120 V

240 V

380 V

440 V

AC at 50/60 Hz

Resistive load (AC-12)

10 A

10 A

6 A


2 A

Inductive load (AC-15)

10 A

6 A

3 A

1.9 A

1.6 A


Resistive load (DC-12)

8 A

2.2 A

1.1 A



Inductive load (DC-13)

4 A

1.1 A

0.55 A



Note: 1. The above ratings were obtained by conducting tests under the following conditions.
                (1) Ambient temperature: 20 ±2°C
                (2) Ambient humidity: 65% ±5% RH
                (3) Operating frequency: 30 operations/minute
             2. Minimum applicable load: 10 mA at 5 VDC. 

Specifications (When Operation Unit, Mounting Collar, and Contact Blocks Are Combined)



Key-type Selector Switches

Allowable operating


30 operations/minute max.


30 operations/minute max.

Insulation resistance

100 MΩ min. (at 500 VDC)

Contact resistance

100 mΩ max. (initial value)

Dielectric strength

Between terminals
 of same polarity

2,500 VAC at 50/60 Hz for 1 min. (initial value)

Between each terminal
 and ground

2,500 VAC at 50/60 Hz for 1 min. (initial value)

Vibration resistance


10 to 55 Hz, 1.5-mm double amplitude (malfunction within 1 ms)

Shock resistance


1,000 m/s2 max. (malfunction within 1 ms)



500,000 operations min. (Switches with 3 positions: 300,000 operations min.)


500,000 operations min. (Switches with 3 positions: 300,000 operations min.)
 (250 VAC, 3 A, with an inductive load having power factor cos θ = 0.4)

Ambient operating temperature*1

-25 to 70°C

Ambient operating humidity

35% to 85% RH

Ambient storage temperature*1

-40 to 80°C

Degree of protection*2

Conforming to IP66

Electric shock protection class

Class II

PTI (tracking characteristic)


Degree of contamination
 (application environment)

3 (EN 60947-5-1)


Approx. 75 g (for 1NC/1NO)

*1. With no icing or condensation.
 *2.Degree of protection from the front of the panel. 

Operating Characteristics (for SPST-NO/ SPST-NC)


Key-type Selector Switches

Manual reset

Automatic reset

Total travel force (torque) (maximum TTF)

0.6 N·m

0.6 N·m

Total travel (TT)

2 positions: Approx. 90°, 3 positions: Approx. 45°

Resetting force (torque) (RF)

0.5 N·m max.


Examples of Linked Contact Blocks (Screw terminal block type)


Key-type Selector Switches

2 positions

3 positions

Linking example



Note: If you increase the number of Contact Blocks, evaluate the Switch under actual working conditions before permanent
           installation and use the Switch within a number of switching operations that will not adversely affect the Switch’s