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Built-in Amplifier

With these Photoelectric Sensors, the amplifier is built into the Sensor Head.

Built-in Amplifier List

There are 23 products of Built-in Amplifier.

E3AS Series changes the “way of using” reflective photoelectric sensors

Photoelectric Sensors That Withstand Cutting Oil to Reduce Failures Caused by Ingress of Cutting Oil

IO-Link Makes Sensor Level Information Visible and Solves the Three Major Issues at Manufacturing Sites! Standard Photoelectric Sensor.

Color Mark Detection on Any Type of Packaging. Narrow Beam and Large Lens for Stable Detection of Workpieces Tilted at Various Angles.

Superb Detection of Many Types of Transparent Objects


Stable Detection of Level Differences in the Order of 0.1 mm

A new generation in sensing performance


The Improved E3T Series with Easier, Smoother Mounting and Installation


The Standard for Photoelectric Sensors with a Secure Track Record of One Million Sold Yearly.

Color Mark Detection in a World-standard Size (11 × 21 × 32 mm), with High-speed Response (50 μs) and Accuracy in Spite of Sensing Object Movement

Photoelectric Sensor for the Automotive and Machine Tool Industries

Stainless Steel Housing Ideal for Food Industry (PAT Pending)

Compact and Reliable Laser Photoelectric Sensor

Distance-settable Sensor Unaffected by Workpiece Color and Background

Photoelectric Sensor with Grooved Design and Easy Settings

Water- and Oil-resistant Photoelectric Sensor with Metal Housing Used for Long-range Sensing

Simply Set the Distance to Reliably Detect Workpieces of Various Colors


General-purpose Photoelectric Sensor for High Quality and Reliable Detection

Reliable Detection Unaffected by PCB Holes or Notches

Ideal for Detecting Glass Wafers and Other Transparent Objects

A Grooved-type Sensor That Doesn’t Require Optical Axes Alignment