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Digital Timers

Digital Timers provide high-precision operation time settings. Digital switches enable easy preset time settings. Digital displays of elapsed time are also possible.

Digital Timers List

There are 6 products of Digital Timers.

Digital Timer

New and improved design for easier use, programming, maintenance and user feedback. The improved user interface is intuitive and offers better overall visibility. Replacement time notification function notifies the user of potential preventive maintenance.

Digital Timer

Easy to Use and Easy to Read.

Digital Timer

DIN 48 × 48-mm Multifunction Digital Timer/2-stage Digital Timer

Solid-state Timer

DIN-sized (48 × 48, 45 × 75 mm) Timer with Digital Setting and LCD Display

Digital Timer

Miniature DIN-sized (48 x 48 mm) Quartz Timer with Abundant Series Versions

Digital Timer

DIN-sized (72 × 72 mm) Quartz Timer with Multiple Functions