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A wide range of products allows you to select the optimal Lens for each application.

Lens List

There are 13 products of Lens.

Standard CCTV lens. Lower distortion and higher resolution than previous CCTV lenses.

High-resolution Lens for megapixel cameras.

Ultra-high-resolution lens for 4/3-inch cameras

Ultra-high-resolution lens for 1.1-inch cameras

Wide variety of lenses with focal lengths ranging from 18 to 100 mm.

High-resolution telecentric lens for megapixel camera

Ultra-high-resolution telecentric lens for 1.1-inch cameras

Vibrations and shocks resistant lens for megapixel C-mount cameras

Vibrations resistant Non-telecentric Macro Lens with a 16-mm-dia. simple mechanism.

Vibrations resistant lens with iris plate system for megapixel C-mount cameras

A lock ring locking the surface and the improved design of internal structure increase resistance to vibration

Lens for small camera of Vision Sensor FZ series.

Lens options including Extension Tubes and Rear Converter Lenses.