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LEOMI-587 Actual Mass Flow Meter


LEOMI-587 Actual Mass/Volume Flow meter is our latest launching mass flow meter. LEOMI-587 insertion thermal mass flow meter is used to measure Actual Mass/ Volume Flow in various applications. Different types of sensor construction such as stainless steel, Hastelloy C276, can be used in wide range of applications in industries such as Thermal Power, Steel, Textile, Cement, Automobile & Ancillaries, Chemical, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

LEOMI-587 can be used in an adjustable and versatile manner which is used to monitor multiple locations with a wide temperature range upto 400°C.

FEATURES​ of LEOMI-587 Actual Mass/Volume Flow meter

  • Measuring actual mass/volume flow rate
  • Suitable to 15mm to 10000mm pipe sizes
  • Probes with Ø=12mm/20mm(HC276) & Length up-to 2000 mm available
  • Better accuracy < ±2%RD of actual mass flow rate
  • Upto 4 user selectable analogue input such as pressure, temperature, power or RH% etc.
  • Turndown ratio 100:1 or better
  • Accurate measurement over temperature ranges upto 400°C
  • In-built data storage with USB 2.0 in csv format for input parameters
  • In-built auto purging system for sensor cleaning
  • Ideal for customized flow control applications with PC software

SS 316Ti/ Hastelloy C276 without Safety Head

SS 316Ti with Safety Head