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Low Voltage Switching Gears

A wide range of products including Magnetic Contactors, Manual Motor Starters, Thermal relays and Auxiliary relays. Compatible with motor applications. Mirror contact mechanism (J7KC) supports safety applications.

Low Voltage Switching Gears List

There are 4 products of Low Voltage Switching Gears.

Magnetic Contactor

Best Match for upto 2.2 kW (240 VAC) *, 5.5 kW (440 VAC) Motor and Primary Side switches * Based on JIS C 8201-4-1

Manual Motor Starter (Motor Protection Circuit Breaker)

MPCB system, protection from Overload, Phase failure and Short Circuit

Thermal overload relay

Motor Protection from Overload and Phase -loss by Combination with J7KC for up to 2.2 kW (240 VAC) *, 5.5 kW (440 VAC) * Based on JIS C 8201-4-1

Auxiliary Relay (Contactor Relay)

Same shape as J7KC magnetic contactors Ideal for standardizing panel design