Product Category


Baumer Camera Explorer
  • GUI-Tool for evaluation and configuration
  • Easy monitoring and recording
  • Suitable for PC and ARM-based systems using Windows 7, Windows 10 and Linux
  • Free software download
Baumer neoAPI
  • Modern GenICam camera API
  • Quick familiarization and efficient programming
  • One single API for C++, C#, and Python
  • Support of Windows, Linux, and ARM-based platforms
  • Free software download
  • Convenient camera integration in Windows, Linux and Linux ARM
  • GigE Vision, USB3 Vision
  • GenICam, GenTL
  • Free software download
Baumer Camera Link SDK
  • Convenient camera integration in Windows 7/8
  • Camera Link
  • GenICam, GenCP
  • Free software download
Baumer AX Smart Cameras OS/software package
  • Complete operating system and software package
  • Including NVIDIA JetPack
  • Including Baumer Camera Explorer, neoAPI and GAPI SDK
  • Regular updates
Third party software for our industrial cameras
  • GigE Vision, USB3 Vision
  • Camera Link
  • GenICam standard compliant
  • Tested compatibility
VeriSens Application Suite
  • 4 steps configuration
  • Configurable web interface
  • Offline test mode
  • Free software download
  • Video tutorials