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T2550 PAC

T2550 PAC

T2550 Programmable Automation Controller – The Most Affordable, High Availability PAC

The T2550 PAC is a high performance solution offering extremely cost effective redundancy options – making high availability viable for more of your process.


  • Cost effective controller redundancy – automatic commissioning, bumpless changeover, redundant communications
  • Power supplies – redundant system supply
  • High system availability – redundant CPUs with automatic takeover
  • Online reconfiguration
  • Redundant Data logging
  • Hot swap I/O
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Signal conditioning
  • IEC 61131 programming
  • Advanced PID control

Technology so powerful and simple

The T2550 PAC is a high performance solution offering extremely cost effective redundancy options – making high availability viable for more of your process.

The control unit and I/O system form the basis of a complete distributed control and recording environment capable of continuous analog, logic and sequential control combined with secure data recording at point of measurement – all designed to maximize Return on Investment (ROI) from your process.

If you are looking for innovation and simplicity – this latest automation product may be just what you are looking for.  Hot swap modules, auto I/O build functionality, a personality flash card, clear status indication and an intuitive toolset all make the T2550 PAC simple to use, install, engineer and upgrade.  Fitted with E-Sync technology (easy synchronization functionality from Eurotherm), engineering a high availability solution with redundant processors couldn’t be simpler.

Maximize process uptime, minimize engineering costs

The T2550 PAC brings high availability with affordability and, utilizing E-Sync technology, minimizes engineering costs, shortens time to implement and simplifies lifetime maintenance.

Using T2550 PAC reduces engineering costs and its high availability maximizes your process uptime. In its duplex mode it offers redundancy of processors, power supply and network at a price performance level that has never been seen before. The controller redundancy is automatically commissioned – simply plug the additional processor module into the redundant base and initiate the E-Sync technology with a single button press on the front of the unit.

Redundant data recording

T2550 provides secure data recording at point of measurement simply by plugging in the additional processor module. The data is held in non-volatile memory and is in a secure format to inhibit tampering, for valuable data this is the most simple and powerful offering in the marketplace.

Autonomous and Integrated

T2550 provides a comprehensive standalone solution or a powerful addition to a wider system. It supports Modbus TCP, serial Modbus RTU (both as master or slave) Profibus slave and OPC and can be used in conjunction with other systems such as PC based SCADA packages, Programmable Logic Controllers and Eurotherm® Visual Supervisor.

Ideal for:

  • Retort Furnace
  • Glass Furnace
  • Fermentation Process
  • Sterilization
  • Freeze Dryer
  • Building Management Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems


Input Type

mA, mV, Potentiometer, RTD, T/C, Volts

IP Rating


Display Type


SP Programmer

8 Channels, 32 Segments each

Analogue IP/OP In


Analogue IP/OP Out


Digital IP/OP In


Digital IP/OP Out


Batch Management




Auditor Features




Data Logging




Modbus (Serial)




Network Addressing

Boot P, DHCP, Fixed IP, Link Local