Product Category

Laser-type Bar Code Reader


The World’s Smallest Bar Code Reader That Fits Essentially Anywhere. *According to OMRON investigation in January 2013.

Ratings and Performance



Direction of view

Front view


Bar code

WPC (JAN/EAN/UPC), Codabar (NW-7), ITF, Industrial 2 of 5 (STF),
 Code39, Code93, Code128, GS1-128 (EAN-128), GS1-Databar (RSS-14),
 GS1-Databar Limited (RSS Limited), GS1-Databar Expanded

Number of reading digits

No upper limit (depends on bar width and reading distance)


Minimum resolution

Bar code: 0.15 mm

Contrast (PCS)

0.45 or more (white reflectance 70 % or more)

Reading distance

60 to 270 mm (At narrow bar: 0.5 mm)

Reading angle

Within 40º (Including margins at left and right sides)

Pitch angle (α)


Skew angle (β)

±60º (However, exclude from 10º upper side to 8º lower side)

Tilt angle (γ)


Reading of bar codes
 on curved surfaces (R)

R 20mm (UPC 12 digit)

Light source

Red laser diode (Wave length: 650 nm)

Light output

1.0m W or less (Correspond to JIS class 2)

Scan type

Raster scan

Number of scan

1000 scan/sec.




OK/NG outputs

NPN open collector output (cable work required)

Function setting method

Menu sheet reading method or host command method


Reading trigger

External trigger (Transistor input), Trigger by command (RS-232C),
 Trigger a test reading by pressing the SCAN button on the product

OK/NG signals

• When the label is not registered
 OK signal: ON when reading is successful
 NG signal: ON when reading fails
 • When the label is registered
 OK signal: ON when reading result matches registered label
 NG signal: ON when reading fails or reading result does not
 match registered label

Indication LED

Read confirmation LED (green) illuminates when reading is successful.
 Read confirmation LED (red) blinks when motor is in abnormal operation.


Notifies a successful reading with a buzzer sound (Muting available)

Power supply

Power voltage

4.5 to 5.5 VDC

Consumption current

During operation: 500 mA or less; during standby: 150 mA or less

Inrush current

2.0 A MAX


Ambient temperature

At operation: 0 to + 45°C At storage: -10 to + 60°C

Ambient humidity range

At operation and storage: 20 to 85% RH (with no icing or condensation)

Ambient atmosphere

No corrosive gases

Ambient light

Fluorescent lamp: 4,000lx or less, Sunlight: 80,000lx or less

Vibration resistance

10 to 150 Hz, half amplitude 0.35 mm, 3 directions (X/Y/Z), 8 minutes
 each 10 times

Degree of protection

IP54 (IEC60529)


Main unit only

Approximately 80 g

Including accessories

Approximately 190 g (including mounting bracket, insulation plate and

Packaged weight

Approximately 270 g (including packing carton)


Main unit

Approximately 29 (W) × 34.5 (D) × 17 (H) mm

Packing carton

Approximately 245 (W) × 110 (D) × 40 (H) mm

Input/output connector

Round DIN connector

Code length

Approximately 1.5 m

Minimum bending radius of cord

Approximately 23 mm


Operation manual, menu sheet, mounting bracket, insulation plate, M3 ×
 6 screw (two), M3 × 8 screws (one), M5 × 10 screws (two)


Upper case

Magnesium diecast, black

Front panel

PC, black



Reading window

PMMA, transparent


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), black

Insulation plate

ABS, black

Mounting bracket

SUS304, silver

* Unless otherwise specified, use a JAN x1 , MRD 63% or higher (PCS = 0.9 or higher) bar code with a pitch angle
      α = 0º, a skew angle β = 15º, a tilt angle γ = 0º, and a curvature R = ∞.

Reading range performance (typical example)


Explained with examples of following conditions:
 • Contrast: MRD 63 % (PCS = 0.9)
 • Bar code: CODE39
 • Installation condition:
 Pitch angle α = 0°, skew angle β = 15°
 Tilt angle γ = 0°, curvature R = ∞ 

Narrow bar width

Reading distance *1


0.15 mm

70 to 140 mm


0.25 mm

60 to 200 mm


0.5 mm

60 to 270 mm


1.0 mm

70 to 330 mm

*1. Distance from the end of the case.