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Altivar Process ATV600

Altivar Process ATV600

Variable speed drive for fluid management from 0.75kW to 800kW

Variable Speed Drive with embedded Services dedicated to process Industry and Utilities for 3 phases synchronous, asynchrous and special motors from 0,75kW to 1,5MW.

Altivar Process is a Services Oriented Drive designed to reduce OPEX in Process & Utilities installations, thanks to embedded digital services.

ATV600 is a range of ready-to-order drives and custom engineered drives focused on fluids management processing and energy saving.

Altivar Process is the first Services Oriented Drive with:

  • Embedded Power measurement and Energy dashboard

  • Embedded process monitoring and control

  • Low Harmonics (THDi < 48% at 80% load or THDi < 5% with low harmonic offer)

  • Stop and Go function to reduce energy consumption in standby mode

  • Asset monitoring and protection

  • Drift monitoring

  • Easy maintenance (Dynamic QR-Code)

  • Seamless integration with embedded Ethernet:

    • From device to process control with the Smart Process Object

    • From data to insights with the embedded Web Server

Custom Engineered Drives:

Proven technical cooling and harmonics solutions

  • Modular and compact design

  • Easy grid integration

  • Embedded Control (PLC, RTU, HMI)

  • A full set of control options

  • Fully load tested in a controlled laboratory environment

  • Complies with your country’s industry standards