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Floatless Level Controllers

The 61F model can be selected according to the control method, installation method, liquid to be detected, wiring length, and other requirements.

Floatless Level Controllers List

There are 8 products of Floatless Level Controllers.

Ideal for Liquid Level Control in Industrial Facilities and Equipment.

Improved Design for a More Lightweight Construction and Reduced Standby Power Consumption.

Basic Building-block Controllers That Mount Directly to Panels for Easier Maintenance

Consolidates the Specifications through Free Power Supply, thus Allowing Use in High Temperature Environments with Temperatures of Up to 70°C* * Excluding the DC power supply type.

Compact, Space-saving Plug-in Type Ideal for Pump Panels or Building into Equipment.

Ideal for Detecting Ice, Pure Water, or Humidity

Perfect for Alternate Operation of Two Pumps Free Power Supply Makes Maintenance Easy

Increases Motor Life and Enables Operating Only One Pump When Cleaning Tanks or as an Emergency Measure for Pump Failures.