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Limit Switches

Limit Switch are basic switches that have been encased to protect them from external forces, water, oil, and dirt. Many models are available, such as those resistant to head, cold, or corrosion, as well as high-precision models.

Feature Products

R88M-1A[] / R88D-1SAN[]-ECT

Safer environment and higher productivity

A wide variety of Switches are available including environment-resistant models that are compact, thin, and durable, two-circuit models with spatter countermeasures, and four-circuit models with bifurcated contacts and a block-mounting system.

These Limit Switches can detect micron displacements. They are available in solid-state models and models with contacts.

These Multi-pole Limit Switches can be used in sequence control of machine tools, transfer machines, and other equipment.

This Switch can be used while moving for easy manual inputs. The operation section fits comfortably in the hand with a plastic rod design.

These compact Horizontal Limit Switches are used applications in which Basic Switches would not provide enough strength. Models with molded terminals are available.

OMRON provides Touch Switches with a high contact reliability for microloads and solid-state Touch Switches cylindrical or limit-type actuators.

Connectors for Limit switches to secure watertightness of the edges of the conduits.

Safety Limit Switches are limit switches equipped with direct opening mechanisms.


Streamline commissioning and maintenance of production equipment. Simple, easy, and quick – Reduce Availability Loss and Quality Loss!


Powerful functionality in a compact design