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General-purpose Vertical

A wide variety of Switches are available including environment-resistant models that are compact, thin, and durable, two-circuit models with spatter countermeasures, and four-circuit models with bifurcated contacts and a block-mounting system.

General-purpose Vertical List

There are 6 products of General-purpose Vertical.

Two-circuit limit switches that can be selected to match the operating environment and application WL-N/Basic models, WLG/High-sensitivity and High-precision models


Sealed, Compact, and Slim-bodied Switch Offers Choice of Many Actuators

Many Models Including Roller Lever Switches are Only 16-mm Thick with Connector

Economical, Miniature Limit Switch Boasting Rigid Construction

The Limit Switch with Better Seal, Shock Resistance, and Strength


Wide Range of Two-circuit Switches; Select One for the Operating Environment/Application WL/Basic models