Product Category

Safety Laser Scanners


Compact (104.5 mm), lightweight (1.3 kg) and easy-to-install Safety Laser Scanner


Sensor Type

Type 3 Safety Laser Scanner

Performance Level (PL)/
 Safety Category

PLd/Safety Category 3 (ISO 13849-1)

Functional Safety of
 Electronic Safety-related

SIL 2, PFHD = 8.3 × 10-8(IEC61508)

Detection Capability

Configurable via the configuration tool; Non-transparent with a diameter of 30, 40, 50, 70mm
 (1.8% reflectivity or greater) (default: 70 mm)

Monitoring Zone

Monitoring Zone Set Count: (Safety Zone + 2 Warning Zones) x 70 sets



Safety Zone: 1.75 m (min. obj. resolution of 30 mm)
 2.5 m (min. obj. resolution of 40 mm)
 3.0 m (min. obj. resolution of 50 mm or 70 mm)
 Warning Zone: 10.0 m


Safety Zone: 1.75 m (min. object resolution of 30mm)
 2.5 m (min. object resolution of 40 mm)
 3.0 m (min. object resolution of 50 mm)
 4.0 m (min. object resolution of 70 mm)
 Warning Zone: 15.0 m

Maximum Measurement Error

100 mm (at range of 3 m or less) *1
 110 mm (at distance greater than 3 m and up to 4m) *1

Detection Angle


Angular Resolution


Laser Beam Diameter

6 mm at optics cover, 14 mm (typical) at 3 m.

Laser Scan Plane Height

67mm from the bottom of the scanner
 (see "External Dimensional Drawings" on Catalog for more detail.)

Response Time

Response time from ON to OFF:
 From 80 ms (2 scans) to 680 ms (up to 17 scans) *8
 Response time from OFF to ON:
 Response time from ON to OFF + 100 ms to 60 s (Configurable)

Zone Switching Time

20 to 320 ms

Line Voltage

24 VDC +25%/-30% (ripple p-p 2.5 V max.) *2

Power Consumption

Normal operation: 5 W max. *3
 Standby mode: 3.75 W (without output load)

Emission Source (Wavelength)

Infrared Laser Diode (905 nm)

Laser Protection Class

Class 1: IEC/EN60825-1
 Class 1: JIS C 6802
 Class I: CFR21 1040.10, 1040.11

Safety Output (OSSD)

PNP transistor x 2, load current of 250 mA max., residual voltage of 2 V max.,
 load capacity of 2.2 μF max., leak current of 1 mA max. *3, *4, *5

Auxiliary Output (Non-Safety)

NPN/PNP transistor x 1, load current of 100 mA max.,
 residual voltage of 2 V max., leak current of 1 mA max. *4, *5, *7

Warning Output (Non-Safety)

NPN/PNP transistor x 1, load current of 100 mA max.,
 residual voltage of 2 V max., leak current of 1 mA max. *4, *5, *7

Operation Mode

Auto Start, Start Interlock, Start/Restart Interlock


External Device
 Monitoring (EDM)

ON: 0 V short (input current of 50 mA), OFF: Open


ON: 0 V short (input current of 20 mA), OFF: Open

Zone Select

ON: 24 V short (input current of 5 mA), OFF: Open


ON: 24 V short (input current of 5 mA max.), OFF: Open

Connection Type

Power Cable: 18-pin mini-connector (pigtail)
 Communication Cable: M12, 4-pin connector

Connection with PC

Communication: Ethernet *6
 OS Supported:Windows XP (32-bit version, Service Pack 3 or later),
 Windows 7 (32-bit version/64-bit version), Windows 8.1 (32-bit
 version/64-bit version), Windows 10 (32-bit version/64-bit version)


RUN indicator: Green, STOP indicator: Red, Interlock Indicator: Yellow,
 Warning Output Indicator: Orange Status/Diagnostic Display: 2 x 7-segment
 LEDs, Individual Sector Indicators: Red LED x 8

Protective Circuit

Protection against output load short and reverse power connection

Ambient Temperature

Operation: -10 to 50 °C, Storage: -25 to 70 °C

Ambient Humidity

Operation & Storage: 95% RH max., non-condensing

Ambient Operation

Incandescent lamp: Illumination on receiving surface 1500 lx max.
 (an angle of laser scanning plane and disturbance light must be +/-5 degrees
 or more)

Insulation Resistance

20 MΩ or higher (500 VDC)

Dielectric Withstand Voltage

350VDC, 1 minute

Enclosure Rating

IP65 (IEC60529)


Sensor head: Die-cast aluminum, optical cover: Polycarbonate, I/O block: Die-cast aluminum

Dimensions (WxHxD)

133.0 x 104.5 x 142.7 mm (except cable)

Impact Resistance

98 m/s2 1,000 times for each of X, Y, and Z directions (IEC60068-2-29)


10 to 55 Hz double-amplitude of 0.7 mm, 20 sweepings for X, Y, and Z directions (IEC60068-2-6)

Weight (Main Unit only)

1.3 kg

Power Cable

Up to 30 m

Communication Cable

Up to 100 m for 100BASE-TX cable *9


Certificated by: TÜV Rheinland, UL
 EN61496-1 (Type 3 ESPE), EN61496-3 (Type 3 AOPDDR), EN61508 (SIL2),
 IEC61496-1 (Type 3 ESPE), IEC61496-3 (Type 3 AOPDDR), IEC61508 (SIL2),
 UL508, UL1998, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 14, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 0.8

*1. An additional measurement error may need to be added due to reflective backgrounds.
 *2. For power source specification, refer to “Safety Precautions” on Catalog.
 *3. Rated current of OS32C is 1.025 A max. (OS32C 210 mA + OSSD A load + OSSD B load + Auxiliary output load + Warning output load + Functional Inputs). Where functional inputs are: EDM input ... 50 mA Start input ... 20 mA Standby input ... 5 mA Zone X input ... 5 mA x 8 (eight zone set select inputs)
 *4. Output voltage is Input voltage - 2.0 VDC.
 *5. Total consumption current of 2 OSSDs, auxiliary output, and warning output must not exceed 700 mA.
 *6. An ethernet cable with an M12, 4-pin connector is required.
 *7. Output polarity (NPN/PNP) is configurable via the configuration tool.
 *8. Pollution Tolerance mode will add 6 ms to each scan time.
 *9. Omron only supplies up to a 15 m Ethernet cable. For longer lengths a connection to a network switch/router is needed.