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This Mounting Bracket allows Power Supplies to be easily mounted to DIN Rail. Supports the S82J (100, 150-W models) Power Supplies.

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DC Electronic Circuit Protector (24 VDC 4 Outputs/8 Outputs Type)

Simplified safety design of DC circuits Reliable DC circuit protection in the event of short circuits or overcurrent Saves space even with multi-channels Sequential start-up of outputs to avoid start-up trouble

Noise Filter (Single-phase 250 V 3 A / 6 A Type)

DIN Rail Mounting Type Ideal for Control Panels Featuring a Slim Design that Saves Space Push-In Connections for Safe and Easy Wiring

Redundancy Unit

Contribute to build high reliable systems Compact and Cost-effective solution for Back-up applications Easy setup for system reliability requirement

Buffer Block

Prevents Equipment Stoppage, Data Loss,and Other Problems Resulting from Momentary Power Failures

Digital Multicircuit Protector

Complete Flexible DC Circuit Protector That Has a Wide Array of Displays, Alarm Outputs, and Other Digital Functions.