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Socket / Plug-in Type

These Solid-state Relays have the same shape as OMRON’s general relays such as MY, LY, MK, G2R and G7T, and are suitable for high-frequency switching, signal exchange with controllers, and other I/O applications.

Socket / Plug-in Type List

There are 9 products of Socket / Plug-in Type.

Slim I/O Solid State Relay

Slim I/O SSR realizes space saving thanks to high-density mounting and ultra-slim body

Slim I/O Solid State Relay

Our Value Design Products Increase the Value of Your Control Panels. Global standard size, low profile type slim I/O solid state relay with width 6.2 mm.

Solid State Relays G3[]-VD 

Solid State Relays Featuring the Same Profile as MY Power Relays

Solid State Relays G3[]-VD

Solid State Relays Featuring the Same Profile as LY1 and LY2 Bi-power Relays

Solid State Relays

I/O SSRs That Mount to OMRON’s G7TC I/O Block

Solid State Relays

100-μA-max. Leakage Current, No Bleeder Resistor Required

I/O Solid State Relays

SSR with Plug-in Terminals The Same Shape as the G2R-1-S Power Relays

Hybrid Power Relay

Hybridization of a Magnetic Relay and an SSR Achieves 10-A Switching for 10 Million Operations.

Power MOS FET Relays

Power MOS FET Relays with the Same Shape as the G2R for Both AC and DC, Capable of 1 A Load Switching