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TUS Auto Report Generator

TUS Auto Report Generator

TUS Reporting Software

Automated temperature uniformity survey reporting, part of AMS2750F pyrometry compliance

Temperature Uniformity Survey reports are a mandatory part of AMS2750F pyrometry compliance and the report content and format are well defined in the specification.


With the advent of digital recorders it is possible to take the output from the survey recorder and automate the production of the report. This adds a desirable level of efficiency to the whole process of thermal process equipment accreditation.

This new package automates the production of survey reporting by combining the secure .uhh file data from a Field Test Instrument with the database management of Eurotherm Review. This directly produces reports which comply with the requirements of AMS2750F.


The report is created in 3 steps!

  1. Using your Eurotherm graphical recorder of choice, collect relevant data pertaining to the survey.
  2. Once you have collected the necessary data, transfer the data to your Review data management software. This can easily be done via removable media (USB & Compact flash), transfer to FTP server, or let Review connect to the recorder to pull data as necessary.
  3. With all data collected and transferred into the Review database, you can now use the TUS software to generate your report and print.