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ER-PL Pilot

Configuration and Diagnostic Software ER-PL Pilot

A PC based graphical configuration and diagnostic tool for use with the range of ER-PL and ER-PLX digital DC drives. This software greatly simplifies drive programming, installation and commissioning.


This software makes interconnecting the drive’s application blocks a simple task and enables the user to tailor the drive’s control strategy to exactly meet the demands of the process or application. It is these

abilities which further strengthens the Eurotherm commitment to providing the user with cost effective and easy to use DC drive products.

This is a highly intuitive Windows based software package which requires no previous knowledge of any programming language. The package can be used in 2 operating modes:

  • Off-line without a drive connected: The user can create recipes of drive parameters and block connections.
  • On-line with a drive connected: The ER-PL PILOT can also be used to monitor and adjust the drive parameters.

The PC running the ER-PL PILOT software is connected to the drive via the PC’s standard serial port.

The package is designed for ease of use and provides a clear, defined and understandable method for accessing all levels of the drives extensive built in functionality.

This makes complete system configurations very straightforward and quick to implement.

Recipe creation and functionality

There are 3 levels of recipe creation and functionality available in ER-PL

PILOT to suit all requirements:

  • Total recipe (top level) – used to manipulate the entire range of parameters.
  • Bar sub-menus (2nd level) – used to manipulate each main sub-set of parameters.
  • Block pages (lowest level) – used to manipulate parameters of individual blocks within the drive.

The recipes and sections of recipes may be cut and pasted or printed out.

The Bar sub-menus (2nd level) show the 4 main menu bars on the ER-PL PILOT entry page:

  • Change parameters
  • Diagnostics and ancillary functions
  • Application blocks Control terminals
  • Block pages – no need for hardcopy manual on-site
  • Each bar has buttons that enable access to a drive block page

The Block pages (lowest level)

Each block has its own page which details its default values (shown in blue text) and any altered values (shown in black text) with its own block diagram. In most cases this alleviates the need for a hard copy of the technical manual – an excellent plus point when commissioning on site.

Diagnostics – Monitoring

Diagnostic and monitoring in engineering units (volts, amps, Kilowatts, rpm, Hz) and percentages for all terminals and block diagram outputs can be shown in bar graph or panel meter format.