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SoMove Configuration and Diagnostic Software

SoMove, a user-friendly setup software for PCs, for setting up Schneider Electric motor control devices.


SoMove software incorporates various functions for the device setup phases, such as :

  • Configuration preparation
  • Setup
  • Maintenance

To facilitate setup and maintenance; SoMove

  • Can use direct USB/RJ45 cable link
  • Can use Bluetooth® wireless link
  • Is compatible with the Multi-Loader configuration tool and SoMove Mobile for mobile phones.

These tools can save a significant amount of time when loading, duplicating or editing configurations on a device.

A true offline mode allows :

  • Preparation of configuration files
  • File management and storage (save to hard disk or CD ROM, copy, rename and send by email…)
  • Printout of the parameters list
  • Preparation of files for the MultiLoader and SoMove Mobile tools

Connected mode is used to :

  • Configure, adjust, control and monitor
  • Transfer configuration files between SoMove V1.0 and the drive or soft starter

Planned developments :

  • Future releases will include several new features, including an oscilloscope.


  • SoMove is available as a free download.
  • Simple, time-saving and user-friendly, SoMove makes it easy to configure Schneider Electric motor control devices.
  • To facilitate setup and maintenance, SoMove software can use a direct USB/RJ45 cable link or a Bluetooth® wireless link.