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Operation Server and Viewer

Operation Server and Viewer

  • Contains latest Wonderware® InTouch® software
  • Comprehensive user authorization and security available via Security Manager
  • Supports Ethernet, ARCnet and serial connections
  • Auditor features to meet 21 CFR Part 11

Operations Server and Viewer structure is a client/server architecture with specialised interfaces to provide fast and efficient alarm and realtime data transfer from control nodes to HMI screens. Operations Server provides direct connection to the control network supporting Ethernet TCP/IP stack, ARCnet and serial connections. Control network protocol support includes Eurotherm LIN and Modbus.


Operations Server

Operations Server is a fully engineered and working Wonderware InTouch visualization application.  It provides server connectivity to the Eurotherm control network. Using Wonderware software technology, applications it can be distributed across geographical and organisational boundaries.

High performance I/O server

Access to all control data is available via SuiteLink I/O server. Optionally data is also available via OPC and DDE. All tag block data is accessible with software license limiting the maximum number of blocks.

Alarm Provider

An alarm provider controls the distribution of all block alarms to provide alarm banner and summary displays, alarm printing and alarm history.

Support for master/backup server functionality is available. Diagnostic displays are in-built.


All configuration and system data is defined within the project database removing the need for any duplication of configuration at the HMI nodes.


LIN via ARCnet and Ethernet, OPC server, Modbus com, Modbus TCP.

Operations Viewer

Operations Viewer is a working InTouch HMI software application that provides data to different areas such as operations, engineering, plant management and corporate business.

Features with the configuration tools can automatically build the application from the central project database.

Operations Viewer software is designed to provide real-time data to different functional people such as operators, engineers, supervisors and managers, in a fast and meaningful way. The simple to use display structure provides a fast and intuitive HMI that consists of a pre-engineered InTouch HMI software client application.

Operations Server:

  • Full system wide availability of information
  • Client server architecture with master/backup servers
  • Integrated development environment
  • Open connectivity at I/O and system level
  • Includes OPC Server functionality
  • Alarm integration
  • Multiple alarm printers
  • Tag browser

Operations Viewer:

  • Auto-configured operator interface
  • Tag names instantly available in both configuration and online environment
  • Operator faceplates available for all objects providing read/write capability
  • Point pages give access to all tag engineering data
  • Easy display navigation
  • Real time trends for any parameter
  • Long term historian
  • Mimics
  • Online tag browsing including access to all tag data