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Process Viewer

Process Viewer

Process Viewer -bringing you unique levels of system integration

  • Low cost HMI based on Wonderware® InTouch®  visualization software
  • Use of iTools Active-X to visualize Eurotherm controllers
  • Contains iTools and EuroMBUS OPC server
  • LINtools and LIN OPC Server
  • Serial and Ethernet communications support for all Eurotherm products

With the Process Viewer, Eurotherm offers unique levels of system integration within a low-cost HMI solution that can display all Eurotherm products. We meet this requirement by linking the Wonderware world leading InTouch HMI with Eurotherm iTools/EuroMBUS technology and LINtools/LINOPC to provide a solution that is very cost-effective.


This package provides Wonderware InTouch visualization software as a true graphical front end to the Eurotherm iTools Modbus OPC server providing standard and easy to configure displays for all Eurotherm products supporting Modbus communications.

The Process Viewer provides quick and simple connectivity to Eurotherm 2000 and 3000 controllers, 4000, 5000 and 6000 recorders, and automation system products.

The InTouch visualization software is a powerful graphical human-machine interface (HMI) for industrial automation, process control and supervisory monitoring.

The InTouch HMI enables users to visualize and control industrial processes while providing engineers with an easy-to-use development environment and extensive functionality to rapidly create, test and deploy powerful automation applications that connect and deliver real-time information. InTouch software is an open and extensible HMI that enables flexibility in custom application design with connectivity to the broadest set of automation devices in the industry.


The Process Viewer is available in a range of sizes and capability to best suitable a particular application.

The following systems are available in Runtime, both with and without I/O, and full Development systems in the following:

  • Entry level (20 LIN blocks/64 tags)
  • Base (20 LIN Blocks/500 tags)
  • Small (100 LIN Blocks/1000 tags)
  • Large (300 LIN Blocks/3000tags)
  • XLarge (600 LIN Blocks/60000 tags)