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Project Studio / Developer

Project Studio / Developer

Eurotherm Project Studio is a set of graphical object oriented engineering tool for the configuration and commissioning of all Eurotherm products

Engineering tools for process automation
Single point configuration
Integrated development environment


  • Project oriented integrated development environment
  • Suite of tools designed to configure and commission all Eurotherm products
  • Single point of configuration
  • Extensive wizards and autobuild features
  • Centralised relational database
  • On-line help with on-line books
  • Modem/network support for remote access
  • Automatic application documentation
  • Supplied as part of EurothernSuite
  • Windows operating systems supported including
  • Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95

​Eurotherm Project Studio is a set of graphical object oriented engineering tool for the configuration and commissioning of all Eurotherm products.

Eurotherm Project Developer provides a project oriented development environment with a centralised relational database allowing for simpler system management and configuration. It includes Eurotherm Project Studio and
extends its integrated functionality through an Integrated Development Environment. Single point for data entry allows autobuild facility to be used to automatically create all of the configuration files needed within the system.