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SSM3 DIN Rail Mount SSRs

SSM3 DIN Rail Mount SSRs


Ready to use “Plug and play”

Modular design of IP 20 housing and built-in heat sink for optimized operating conditions.
Easy mounting on standard 35 mm/1.378 in. DIN rail with a secure mounting latch.

Compact design

Enhanced modular solution

Three-phase option and current rating of 25A.
Zero Voltage switching for resistive loads and Random switching for inductive loads.
UL and cUL approved including the general purpose and motor controller rating standards.




Switching Type

Zero Cross and Random AC Switching

Operating Voltage

24 to 280 VAC, 48 to 600 VAC

Current Rating (AMPS)

12A, 6A

Input Voltage Range

18 to 36VAC, 200 to 265VDC, 4 to 32 VDC, 90 to 140VAC


DIN rail

Operating Temperature

-30 to +80 °C

Ambient Air Temperature for Storage

-30 to +100 °C

Input Current Limits

8-15 mA

Switching Device


Motor Load Rating (UL Horsepower) at 40C

0.17hp at 240 VAC

Motor Load Rating (IEC KW) at 40C


Transient Overvoltage

600 Vpk

Surge Current (PK MAX)

300 A for 20ms, 750 A for 16.6ms

On-State Voltage Drop at Rated Current (MAX)

1.3 V

Thermal Resistance Junction to Case

Maximum I²t for Fusing

2330, 375

Minimum Off-State DV/DT at MAX Rated Voltage

500 V/µsec

Minimum On-State Resistance

Maximum Turn-On Time

1/2 cycle

Maximum Turn-Off Time

1/2 cycle